Women Leining

Why can’t women lein?

Nedarim 37b states quite clearly that girls should be taught Torah with the trop. (This makes sense; the trop is another level of nuance in understanding the meaning of the text.)


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Megillah 23a states that women are eligible to be called up to the Torah, but that Chazal said it shouldn’t be done because of “kavod hatzibur.”


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What that means, and what the nature of the restriction is, is the debate. Conservative Judaism doesn’t consider it a halacha or takanah. Orthodoxy assigns more importance to it than many other Talmudic statements.

Partnership minyanim are Orthodox minyanim that permit women to lein on the basis that a tzibur can congregate with the specific intention of being mochel on its kavod. However, approximately no Orthodox rabbis actually support this notion, although their arguments are rarely halachic in nature.