Things Teachers Say About Tznius

Get a bunch of grads together and throw out a line, and you will be regaled for a good hour with “things you can’t believe my teacher said about tznius.” Add yours in the comments. 

“I had a teacher… who said verbatim, ‘The heat of gehenom is worse than the heat of wearing tights.'”

“I had a chassidish teacher in 7th grade who was waaaay too extreme for the girls in my school. Once she was at our class melave malka and was horrified to see that we were all wearing nude tights. She gave us a whole mussar speech about how terrible nude tights are (although most other teachers wore them). She ended with a fiery “Only bulletproof tights are fireproof — from the fires of gehenom!’ We were like “Waaaat?” Then a girl raised her hand and said, “But Mrs.  Principal wears nude tights too. Are you going to tell her this too?”

“I was told that my jean skirt is the cause of the churban.”

“Like, retroactively?”

“No, for each generation the Bais Hamikdash is not rebuilt, it’s like we destroyed it, and in our generation, it was my skirt that did it.”


“If you Flatbush girls wear nude tights, the boys won’t know your legs are covered and may do an aveirah and then it’s your fault.”

I was wearing my hair down and my teacher said I looked like “a shloch.” I have no idea what that was so I just laughed.

“Your shirt is so tight it looks like you left it in the dryer.”

“Nail polish? Do you want to be Jewish?”

“If you think your brother isn’t attracted to your kneecaps, think again.”

Things Teachers Say About Tznius

12 thoughts on “Things Teachers Say About Tznius

  1. Dana Friedman says:

    So now skirt length leads to incest? What kind of family did this teacher come from? Even if her family was OK, do you think her boss would be pleased with the incest references?

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  2. What is with the obsession with tights? And what about the many guys who specifically like a woman in tights? Do BY teachers thing that women in the general world wear tights for modesty reasons?

    > “If you think your brother isn’t attracted to your kneecaps, think again.”

    1. Almost nobody is attracted to knees, and 2. Ewwww.

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  3. Daniella says:

    On the first day of school when I was 11, I was wearing a sleeve that was deemed too short, and my Morah gave me a sweater to wear. At the end of the day when I returned the sweater she said that if I dressed better from them on, she’d be able to treat me like all the other girls on the class


  4. Sarek says:

    The teachers can say whatever bullshit they want. Who’s going to contradict them? The principals/rabbis will back them up, because the crazier the statement, the more control they think they exert.

    The risk, of course, is that if someday the student realizes the stupidity of this, the more likely he will chuck it all. Which is why the increasing calls for banning computers, smartphones, and general interaction with the real world.


    1. Unfortunately, the schools, to remain exclusive, make sure not to accept everyone. This leaves some girls in the community, but not in the schools. This means that they still have enough connections to the community to bring in information from their forced interactions with the outside world.


  5. Lirehagi says:

    well, I’ve been told that I have sexy kneecaps.

    I also know that many men fetishize tights.

    This tznius is not about anything but controlling women


  6. Rivka says:

    My teacher yelled about how long hair wasn’t tznius. I asked about long hair grown to donate, and she said “that’s just an excuse girls give themselves so they can break halacha and not feel bad about it”


    1. Zorm says:

      Our principle gave a really long speech at assembly about this once. How people say they have long hair to donate, and that they tie it up when in school so they say they are not breaking any rules but the reason they have long hair is so that they can wear it loose when out of school…..


  7. Leeba Weisberg says:

    When I was caught wearing sandals without socks I got a severe talking to by my teacher. She said that bare feet are very seductive to men and are even more dangerous in a lot of ways than wearing short sleeves. Because many men look down to avoid pritzus and what are they then greeted with? Seductive female feet! I just couldn’t understand what the big deal was. After all all the women from the torah likely wore sandals without socks. Was she saying she knew better than Sarah Imeinu? My teacher started sputtering about ‘yeridas hadoros’ (the spiritual decline of newer generations) and how different standards apply today. I think she may have even started questioning her own bullshit on some subconscious level.


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