More on Photos of Bais Yaakov Maidels

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The Troubling Trend of Photoshopping Bais Yaakov

Flipping through the book, I was struck by a photo, snapped sometime in the 1940s. The image depicted a cluster of Bais Yaakov girls studying around a picnic table. Suddenly, I endured an unsettling, almost déjà vu feeling. I had seen this picture before, but something was off. I realized that the image staring at me had been photoshopped.

In the original photo the girls in the picture wore short sleeves. In this newer version, the students’ sleeves reached their wrists. I looked through my research and found my somewhat torn copy of the picture. The original image appeared in a school fundraising pamphlet in the early 1940s. I suddenly found myself playing a round of “Spot the Differences,” and there were many. Sleeves lengthened. Necklines raised. Knee-length hems extended an additional four or so inches. Even the married woman in the picture, wearing a full Orthodox-standard head covering, was photoshopped: the bit of hair sticking out on the sides now concealed.

More on Photos of Bais Yaakov Maidels

4 thoughts on “More on Photos of Bais Yaakov Maidels

  1. DF3 says:

    They’re not fighting for their legacy. It’s clear they’re not proud of (at least some aspects of) it. No one told them to put up that photo. If they had been smart, they’d have made a note that they can’t put up photos from their earlier days, because, in the 1940s standards were different, and that by contemporary standards short sleeves are not acceptable (at Bais Yaakov). BUT, perhaps they can’t be objective about themselves. That’s unfortunate.


  2. yitz says:

    This is their lifestyle, as as Marc Shapiro points out, they don’t really hide their actions and they have sources to support it.
    the only issue is when they deny it, but if you read R’Falks book on tznius, he’s quite open than pictures of gedolei hador’s wives, which are now “inappropriate” should not be circulated or printed.

    if you dont like the lifestyle – you know where the door is


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