Jane Austen and You

I’ve noticed that Bais Yaakov students are powerfully attracted to Jane Austen novels, and I’ve always suspected it’s because of the resemblance our lives have to Regency lower-aristocracy; the standards are high, the means are low, the desperation mounting.

Am I right? Why do you like Austen? How does or doesn’t it resemble your life?

What other books should be in the Bais Yaakov genre?

Jane Austen and You

2 thoughts on “Jane Austen and You

  1. Maara says:

    I’m not so sure about that. I wouldn’t really say that BY girls lives mirror those of Austen’s characters. Rather, I would say that it’s the mildly feminist characters combined with the kosher romance that the girls are attracted to. There isn’t the explicit romance that you can often find in books nowadays so any desire that they might have to read and experience romance can be slightly satiated without them feeling as though they are doing something bad.
    Perhaps I’m wrong and it’s actually a combination of your theory and mine. (Though one has to keep in mind that I haven’t been in a BY environment for some time)


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