Purim Torah

It has come to my attention that the principal of a major metropolitan girls school informed her students that it is not tznius for them to walk in the streets on this most joyous of holidays. They should be quietly slipping in and out of cars, if they must go out.

Don’t let the post title fool you. I didn’t make this up.

Purim Torah

5 thoughts on “Purim Torah

  1. Esther Bernstein says:

    We weren’t told not to walk outside at all. But we were definitely told that dressing up was not tznius. Last time I dressed up was when I was 9 or 10, because of this.


    1. There might be something to that. When I was in high school I went collecting on Purim, like a lot of yeshiva guys. The Purim I was in 10th grade, there was one house we went to where there was a girl around my age dressed up as Snow White. I thought she was stunning. She made enough of an impression that I remember it now, 20+ years later.


      1. Esther Bernstein says:

        Okay…. But for argument’s sake – maybe she was so stunning that you would have noticed her anyway? And the fact that she was dressed as Snow White only made you *remember* her? And also – what about the crazy costumes that are not beautiful? I mean, Snow White’s a princess. But the guys dress up as gorillas and mad scientists and crazy clowns – they definitely don’t increase their attractiveness. If a girl wore those crazy costumes, would that make a guy notice her more?


      2. Now you’re buying into the idea that a guy noticing a girl is in itself not tznius.

        I noticed her because I was a 15 year old who lived in dorm with other guys, isolated from the world, and she was a pretty girl in a pretty dress. She was probably the only girl my own age I got that close to the whole year.


      3. Esther Bernstein says:

        Oh I know. I almost followed up that comment with “and what’s so wrong about a boy noticing a pretty girl anyway?” but judging from past Facebook comments and the like when I tried to make two or three points all at once, I know that’s usually a bad idea 😉

        I mean, of course there’s nothing wrong with a 15-year-old boy noticing a pretty girl! But if we’re going to buy into that idea that it’s “tumas eynayim” or whatever, then even by that logic, the ban on girls dressing up *still* makes no sense.


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