The Time My Principal Hit the Ceiling — But Then Apologized For It

This is a great story because it features a Bais Yaakov principal acting like a stereotypical Bais Yaakov principal… but then doing teshuva for it. It warms my heart. Story from Kaylie. 

Our school had the rule that you could only wear a school sweater or school sweatshirt. One day the principal came in to talk to us, because we weren’t really following the rules.

One student was wearing a simple, solid-colored crew-necked sweater. When the principal was done explaining the importance of wearing an official, sanctioned sweater, she raised her hand and asked, “If it’s a non-school sweater but with no words, crew-necked,  like this one, is it okay?”

The principal said “I think that’s fine.”

So we all went out and bought crew-necks.

A few weeks later our principal saw us all in our crew-necks and admonished us for still not following the rules.

“But you said a crew-neck sweater is okay!” we protested. It got a little heated on our end. Our principal got heated as well. She actually got really angry — and yelled like we had never heard her yell before.

We were all furious as well, because we’d only bought those sweaters since she’d said they were okay.

A few days later she came back and apologized for yelling. But the rule still stayed the same.

The Time My Principal Hit the Ceiling — But Then Apologized For It

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