Things My Teachers Said

I remember one time in 5th grade we were sitting around talking and one of my classmates announced — with too much drama — that her sister sometimes goes into the bathroom while chewing gum.

Our teacher gasped in horror. “She really shouldn’t be doing that!” she admonished. I remember being struck even then by how extreme her reaction was. It was like my classmate had announced that she picked pockets or something.


Then there was 6th grade. I was getting into the adolescent stage and I had a lot of acne to show for it. A lot. I was also very aware of all my acne and more than a little self-conscious about it.

One day, during math class, my teacher looked at me and joked, “You look like you have chicken pox.”

You can imagine my reaction. I wasn’t exactly amused, and the rest of my face turned red. I was visibly hurt.

After class, she called me over. “I noticed you were upset by what I said,” she said. And that was it. No apology. No admission that maybe she shouldn’t have said it. This upset me even more, and what stays with me until this day.

Things My Teachers Said

One thought on “Things My Teachers Said

  1. DF3 says:

    A true lesson in midos, that teacher is. I’ll bet the teacher’s the product of Bais Yaakov schools, and a shining example for why parents should send their girls to those institutions.


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