The Time a Teacher Got a Little Too Personal

I got this from Esther with the following disclaimer:

This is a story, but I don’t have the energy or patience to write it up into something postable. So here – do what you want with it.

It’s a classic example of how you shouldn’t say everything you think. And also how you shouldn’t think everything you think. But especially don’t say it, if you’re a teacher. Because sometimes it’s hard to see the line between profound and bombastic when it comes to your own thoughts.

This teacher told us that she’s surprised at how little  kavanah girls have to the meaning of the words they’re saying when they daven or bench. She said, girls are so conscious of how they appear and what everyone else will think, they lose sight of the purpose.
Like this one time, she was horrified to see a girl singing blithely along “na al tatzricheini hashem eloheinu, lo lidei basar va’dam, v’lo lidei halva’asam.”
She actually imitated the girl kind of swinging her head as she sang this — you know the singsong that goes to this section?
 Anyway, she goes on to say that she knows this girl’s family in particular is going through a very hard time and had to rely on tzedakah for a lot of things, even had to have someone else foot the bill for the school shabbaton (as if that’s a huge marker of how bad things got). So she thinks this girl should maybe pay a little more attention to what she’s asking for. Maybe if she had kavanah at this point instead of singing along with everyone else and not thinking about the words – maybe that would help her family’s situation.
So… yeah. It’s always nice when you have simple solutions to other people’s difficult life situations.
The Time a Teacher Got a Little Too Personal

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