Kindergarten Dress Code

Tamar’s story about her 3rd grade interview reminded me of the first day of kindergarten.

Some parents had sent their 5-year-old to school wearing pants. I think it was actually some kind of romper thing. Rather than send the kid home with a note in her backpack, the school called the parents, hauled them down in middle of the day, and had them change their daughter into a skirt right outside the classroom.

Because, you know, Hashem has a zero-tolerance policy for 5-year-olds in baggy trousers.

Kindergarten Dress Code

One thought on “Kindergarten Dress Code

  1. Esther Bernstein says:

    I remember notes being sent home about pre-schoolers’ clothing – my school may have sent a note about a romper though I remember a girl in pre-1-A always wearing short sleeves. But a note, regardless of what anyone thinks of the level of tznius, is far more appropriate than requiring a five year old to change during the school day. That kind of experience leaves a psychological mark, and not one with positive associations. It’s scary for a five year old. That’s the thing – no matter what kind of chumra you want your students to follow, you have to remember they are kids. If it’s the parents you want to punish, if you think punishment is in order, don’t punish them through the child, don’t punish the five year old too (fyi in case you couldn’t tell, I think punishment is not in order for anyone).


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