Entrance Interviews

I remember my kindergarten interview. I was a shy kid and this big man with a beard kept asking me personal questions. I didn’t want to talk to him. Luckily, he didn’t hold it against me. I assume you can’t really flunk a kindergarten interview, can you?

Maybe not, but a few years later you can. 

Here is a story about how Tamar almost didn’t make it into third grade. 

I was in third grade. My family was pretty recently Baal teshuvah and they were trying to get me admitted to the school. I had an interview with the Judaic studies principal.

I brought my dad’s Chumash to read from, you know the really big leather bound gold trimmed page type. The principal started talking to me about the Chumash and I must have said something about how my dad really valued it.

She asked why.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a really literal person, more so back then, and so I said “because it’s really expensive,” because i was thinking about the actual book, not the concept of Torah.

The principal got so upset that she nearly denied me admission to the school. Unfortunately for us in the long run, my parents were able to sweet talk them into letting me in anyway.


Story sent in by Tamar. 

Entrance Interviews

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