Curly Hair

Okay, so I’ll admit it: although I’ve always gotten the vibe that curly hair is not aidel, nobody ever told me as much straight to my face.

So this story (also from Tamar) is both disturbing and validating:

“…The time my friend, who was Sephardi, who had beautiful NATURALLY curly hair, wore her hair in like 8 big thick curls for picture day and was told by the [male] principal to straighten it.”

Curly girls, did anyone ever tell you that curly hair is untznius?

Curly Hair

3 thoughts on “Curly Hair

  1. DF3 says:

    “Untznius”? Is that a common word in Bais Yaakov? If so, Bais Yaakov students (and anyone else usingn the word) can be gramatically incorrect in two languages at once. How lovely. The word about which they’re so concerned—”tznius”—is a noun. The adjective associated with that noun is “tzniusdik”. The colloquial opposite of “tzniusdik” is, for some reason, “pritzusdik”. If they’re going to make strange, baseless statements about modesty for a commonly-exposed part of the body just being natural, they might as well at least be correct grammatically.

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