The Time Morah Used Scotch Tape on a Kid’s Mouth

This was posted in a FB group for frum Jewish mothers:

“I am quite upset. I was changing my son into PJs an I told him to pick up his tush so I could pull up his pants and he told me, ‘Don’t say that word.’ I said, ‘Why?’ He said Morah said it’s not nice and she puts scotch tape on your mouth if you say bad words. I asked him if she did that to him and he said yes. He told me that it hurts.

I am quite upset with that kind of punishment. I don’t think it is okay. What does everyone else think?”


The Time Morah Used Scotch Tape on a Kid’s Mouth

7 thoughts on “The Time Morah Used Scotch Tape on a Kid’s Mouth

  1. There are two issues here. One is the teacher’s use of corporal punishment. The other is the idea that “tush” is a bad word. The first is illegal in most states, including NY. Unless the parents signed a waiver, the teacher risks being charged with child abuse and the school risks a law suit. The second is a pernicious norm in some parts of the frum world that treats anything associated with bodily functions as “bad.” But if “tush” is a bad word, what is the kid supposed to call it? He needs a word to describe it, even if only to tell his mother that he fell on it and needs some ice.

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  2. Uhhhhh….. not cool! That should never be allowed. Maybe a lighter punishment but Scotch tape on your mouth? Not ok. I bet if they sued it would not be good for them…


  3. meow says:

    Absolutely assur and also illegal. If feeling charitable, complain to the teacher, if not, then complain directly to the administration, and if they don’t do anything, threaten a lawsuit (which is 100% justified in this case).


  4. Tush? I think that’s one of the politer words. If it were a real naughty word, I’d agree that some reaction is warranted- but not corporeal punishment. Perhaps “we don’t use that word in school” for a first offense.


  5. NoName says:

    Child abuse. Or at least reckless endangerment because what if the kid has a hard time breathing through their nose? I know that I can’t and would feel like I was suffocating (and definitely not getting enough oxygen) if I only could breathe through my nose. (Yes, I am dentists worst nightmare…).
    I would call up the school administration and complain loudly. I might still pull my kid out. Probably would now that I think about it. That teacher touched my kid in punishing him. Give him age appropriate rebuke, a time out or other consequence.


  6. Deathbyboredness says:

    I recall having this happen to me as well. Since it has been a while, I don’t remember exactly what I did but I clearly remember having to walk around with tape on my mouth in Pre-1A


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