More Social Media Madness

I was talking to a friend last night about why some students make it through Bais Yaakov unscathed, and why some come out resentful and angry. She used the metaphor of a “BS Meter.” If a student has a fine-tuned BS-Meter, then she can tell right away when to tune out a teacher and when to pay attention. As my well-adjusted sister put it, “Of course there were clown teachers saying crazy things. And we ignored them.”

But then you have students who trusted that there must be some truth to what our teachers were saying, and ultimately, either come out “meshuga frum” (from sheer blind faith) or come out disillusioned, turning their backs on the society that lied to them.

This is a story about a student with a healthy BS Meter.

It’s also some more about texting. This story came from a father who asked not to be identified.

The great thing about having three daughters in high school is that there is no end to the madness…

They had a Technology Asifa today. First speaker was a young woman who delivered great content. The girls loved it.

Second speaker was a man, apparently a Gerrer chossid, at this non-chassidish school. He did not look at the girls the entire time he was talking to them.

Some of the gems he shared (as relayed by my daughter) were:

  • It is better to take a picture of yourself laughing than to type “lol”
  • Emojis are dangerous
  • Texting a boy is a “yaharug v’al yaavor”

When he said the last one, a girl raised her hand. She asked if it was better to just talk to boys directly, then.

At which, the speaker got all flustered.

More Social Media Madness

5 thoughts on “More Social Media Madness

  1. Dana Friedman says:

    He accepted the opportunity to speak to children, and got thrown by a child’s question? There’s a perfect example of someone who shouldn’t speak in public. He seems to make the case for social media. Using them might allow him to, on some level, interact with a wide enough spectrum of human beings that he wouldn’t be flustered by an innocent kid’s simple question.


  2. BYGRAD says:

    One problem is that many schools present all of their views, both rational and fanatic, as the One Truth to Judaism. Claiming that nothing else is authentic.

    Even for someone with a highly attuned BS Meter, having this prevailing attitude all throughout preschool, elementary school, and high school, can cause one to reject the entire package as BS – for it was all presented as an all or nothing. It takes a lot of work to start sifting through the nonsense to find small gems of truth.

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  3. KTG says:

    Fascinating. Why is a picture of yourself laughing better than lol, and what’s wrong with lol top begin with? How are emojis dangerous? I sort of see where he’s coming from with the boys thing; he probably holds that any boy-girl interaction that isn’t for tachlis is assur, and that you must die before committing any form of arayos. And how did he not look at the crowd? Eyes closed? Back turned? Looked over their heads? Or was that just an exaggeration, and he looked, but just didn’t make any eye contact


    1. BYGRAD says:

      We had a few chassidic speakers over the years, one took off his glasses, one sort of faced sideways, one closed his eyes… It accomplished their goals as far as creating a barrier, but that barrier didn’t allow their words to resonate with us as much… It was stilted and unnatural.

      We actually once had a gathering where the rabbi spoke behind a mechitzah!!

      As far as lol, one of our teachers always lectured us that lol and rofl are sheker – most of the time, you’re not laughing out loud or rolling on the floor!

      Good times.


      1. KTG says:

        Was she actually serious? Lol and rotfl are shekker and evil because your not laughing out loud and rolling on the floor? Was she even listening to what she was saying? I assume that she never used any metaphors, expressions, exaggerations, or anything of the sort, because they are all shekker


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