The Time the Dean Stalked Us on Instagram

This story is from Kaylie. She told it to me via Facebook Messenger.

Our dean was familiar with the evils of social media. He was also a little bit too familiar with social media.

At the end of 11th grade he officially banned all use of social media by students. At the big announcement, he gave everyone one week to shut down their accounts. “If we catch you with a social media account at the end of one week, you will be expelled. No questions asked. No questions answered.”

In case you thought you could fly under the radar with a “What? Social media? Not me…” he had a print-out of students with Instagram accounts, and condescendingly mentioned a student who had over 150 Instagram “friends” but almost no friends in real life.

We knew who he was talking about. It wasn’t a very nice thing to say.

Some students changed their Facebook names so they wouldn’t come up in a search. But others were afraid of being expelled and losing everything, and they deleted their accounts.

Then again, maybe the savvy regarding the Instagram accounts wasn’t his own. Because the next year, he banned WhatsApp and “Facetunes.” We never did figure out what Facetunes was. We were sufficiently secure in the knowledge that none of us used it.

The Time the Dean Stalked Us on Instagram

2 thoughts on “The Time the Dean Stalked Us on Instagram

  1. DF3NYC says:

    Is it safe to say that he allowed Twitter because he went to the trouble of having specified Facetime/iTunes (who knows?), Facebook, and Instagram?


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