What It Is Like When the Tznius Police Are Male

I have a photograph of this letter, which was sent to a Lovely Young Lady (LYL) via USPS postal service one year after she graduated from the institution in which this man (rabbi?) teaches.

 Dear Kleinelah,*

It was very nice to see you at the sheva brochas for [name redacted]. As expected, you were busy helping serve and making it a success.

You were one of the best and favorite students I ever had at [institution name redacted]. I envisioned you as some day becoming a big mechaneches, the head of a seminary, or a big, top of the class physician, someone who would be a role model for future generations. You would the mother of a dozen plus children and many would come to you for guidance and inspiration. They would want to emulate your fine character and follow your noble example.

This image was shattered when I noticed that your skirt was shorter than it should have been. (I don’t intentionally busy myself with observing students skirt lengths but it was unavoidable to notice it.) I was so disillusioned. I hope it was just due to some particular circumstances at that time, and that you continue to go in the direction that will bring great happiness in this world and very much more in the next.


[Name redacted]

Lovely Young Lady informs me that while she was a student in the institution in which this teacher taught, he took a photograph of a young woman’s hemline in order to show it to the principal. So, while he says he doesn’t make a habit of gazing at his students’ legs, there is some evidence to the contrary.


* This is not LYL’s name. This is merely a stand in for his use of a diminutive nickname that she loaths and doesn’t permit anyone to use. Apparently, this man was too frum to know her proper name, but not too frum to dream about her future.

What It Is Like When the Tznius Police Are Male

3 thoughts on “What It Is Like When the Tznius Police Are Male

  1. Mark says:

    Basically he’s saying – “I was checking out your ass and suddenly noticed that you may have caught me doing it. So I sent this note to you as an excuse.”

    Unavoidable BAH!


  2. momsterid says:

    I know of a male teacher in a bais yaakov school who is held in highest regard by the principal, but is a disgusting person at home. He was not my teacher, thank God, but I have heard him speak and I have heard girls speak about him enrapturedly.


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