The Time I Got Yelled At For Someone Else’s Crime

This story was submitted by “A SBY Girl.” 
I switched into this particular BY school in 11th grade. At that point the intimidating principal was Mrs. Green.
So on this fine day I was called up to the office during the afternoon. The school year had just begun about a week ago so I could not fathom what I had done wrong to warrant this summons. I was informed by those in the know that Mrs. Green was terrifying and all my newfound friends bid me good luck.
I went upstairs practically trembling and tried to keep strong, still wondering what I possibly could have done. I pass by the principal’s office only to hear the tail end of Mrs G’s conversation with another principal “…And my son wanted me to send deodorant for him to Israel …. Who does he think he is? I will not be bothered like that! He can get it himself. “
“Oh boy,” I thought. If that’s how she felt about her son who knows what I’ll be up against as a perfect stranger. I walked in. She looked up and said “You’re here to see me?”
I nodded slowly, wondering if there’s any way I can possibly get out of this. I saw none.
I enter her office with her at which point she starts lecturing me about my nerve: How dare I use a teachers edition for the biology class? Where is my sense of respect? Haven’t I any idea that that’s against school rules? Have I not read the agreement upon starting the school year?
She takes out her highlighter and a copy of the student code to identify the exact infraction I’ve committed and I’m already nodding apologetically.
Then, suddenly, I process what she’s saying. Wait a second? Biology? I don’t take biology. Isn’t that a 9th grade subject?
I look up slowly and meet her eyes. She’s clearly waiting for me to apologize, beg for mercy or self flagellate…..
Instead I say “But I don’t take biology.”
Steam pours out of her ears and nose. “And now you’re trying to lie to me? The outrage! I don’t believe this, of all the…”
“No really I don’t take biology.”
“And you think you can get away with this as if I don’t have your schedule right here ha!” She points to the wall. “What do you have to say for yourself now?! See that?! Third period-biology.”
I did see that on the schedule on the wall, but I knew I didn’t take biology. I look a little closer at the schedule and sure enough it says 9th grade. “That’s not my schedule,” I respond. “I’m not in the 9th grade.”
“Now you’re going to far,” she fumes. You think I don’t know who you are Schwartz?! You think I don’t know?!”
“My name is not Schwartz.” I respond.
She actually looks flustered but just for a moment. “What’s your name then?”
“It’s Fish.”
“Ah Fish — you look just like Schwartz in the 9th grade. Well then what do I have you down for?”
She considered for less than a minute before launching right into a new lecture, which was for my real offense — some random lateness.
Oh well I guess it could have been worse. I could have been Schwartz. Seems like she was in a lot of trouble.
(Despite this I have to say I really did love my high school experience 🙂
The Time I Got Yelled At For Someone Else’s Crime

4 thoughts on “The Time I Got Yelled At For Someone Else’s Crime

  1. Reminds me of the time that my teacher accused me of turning off the lights during class, when I was not even in the classroom at the time, having already been kicked out earlier in the class (also for something I hadn’t done, I think). It wasn’t such a far-fetched accusation, though, considering that the real culprit had also been kicked out at the time.


  2. My cousin (one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet) was once in a really rowdy high school class just as the teacher was about to walk in. This teacher, known for being strict, entered the classroom, noticed the racket, and started yelling at the nearest student to her, my cousin… who had stood up to open the door for her. He didn’t say a word as she was yelling until the entire class vouched for him. She did apologize.
    I had her as a teacher at my elementary school a few years ago. She was still strict, but she treated me a lot more nicely when she found out we were related.


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