How Hashem Made It Impossible for Me to Be Aidel: Red Hair

This is from a red-headed friend who passionately denies ever having committed murder. 

It was Navi class. We were starting to learn about David HaMelech. And the teacher clearly had this anti-red-hair speech as part of her lesson for many years, as she just launched into it. The entire class went dead silent and all stared at me.

I just looked at her solemnly and nodded in agreement. I was trying to convey “That’s how it is. I have a very murderous and passionate nature. And here you are, insulting my people. Hmm,” with my eyes. But I probably just looked kind of sleepy.

Red is the color of very passionate feeling, which is naturally used for doing Esav-like things such as murder. But — if a redhead tries really hard, they can channel their bloodlust into something positive, like becoming a shochet or a mohel or defending klal Yisroel, and end up like David HaMelech.

And even he is kind of reprimanded for his passionate nature, what with the Batsheva incident.  Even the best redhead was still not 100% victorious over passion. So what hope is there for us hoi polloi?
Especially women, who aren’t supposed to be mohels or shochtim or warriors. We have no kosher outlet, so we’re doomed to random outbursts of hysteria or murder or something.
How Hashem Made It Impossible for Me to Be Aidel: Red Hair

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