Hello world!

I received an excellent bais yaakov education. It started with mandatory skirts in kindergarten and went straight through high school to seminary, where they convinced me not to attend Brooklyn College, for the good of my soul.

Now I’m happily married and building my bayis ne’eman biYisroel, but some thoughts linger on.

This is where I’m going to post some of my most memorable educational experiences as a way of working through them and figuring out what they mean to me today.

Hello world!

5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Really, Bad4?
    Your previous blog’s writing is much superior to the writing on this blog.
    Is that on purpose?
    And what, exactly, are we gaining from all these stories except more fodder for the chareidi-hating crowd?


  2. Ben P. says:

    Bad4 – I read your other blog for many years, sometime commenting on it. Is it really you or someone taking your name? (Yes I realize that I am asking the possible fraudster herself.) Welcome back!

    I have no idea what sort of community you ended up in but if you plan to send your kids to school anything like you went too, is this criticism a good idea? By now you must realize that Bad4 does not stop at shidduchim but continues on through every facet of life in frum, heimish.yeshivish/litvish midwood/lakewood/monsey and similar types of places?


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